Pam Torlina, Director of Stewardship and Land Protection,

Pam received her B.S. degree in Biology from USC Upstate.  She has been at PAC since May of 2006.   When not out walking and monitoring PAC protected lands or working on baseline documentation reports, etc. at the PAC office, you can find Pam outdoors in some capacity.  She loves hiking, camping, canoeing, and basically anything outdoors.

Her work experience includes field biologist, naturalist and interpreter, outdoor educator, and wilderness tour guide.  She designed and taught a natural science education program that won the state wide South Carolina Parks and Recreation Association Arts and Programming Branch award for the most Innovative Program of the Year.  She has performed research including such techniques as:  vegetation analysis, nest searching, assisting a licensed bird bander, GPS, GIS, electro-shocking, seining and hoop netting fish, as well as wildlife surveys including:  small mammal, ground beetle, Red-back Salamander (Plethodon cinereus), scent post, and migratory and breeding bird surveys.

    Debra Hansborough, Office Assistant,

Debra began working for PAC in February 2008 as a private contractor working solely on PAC’s application preparation for accreditation. Since then, her duties have expanded to administrative and bookkeeping duties. She has a background in banking, writing Government printing contracts and has managed her own printing brokerage company and real estate business with her husband, John.  Debra and her husband live in Green Creek on a mini-farm along with chickens, guineas, peacocks, peahens and their loving canine, Sasha. Their extended family includes 5 children and 10 grandchildren.

Mary Ann Merrill



Mary Ann Merrill, Office Assistant,

After a banking career in Texas, Mary Ann moved to our area 19 years ago where she became active in the arts and dog community.  She is a co-founder of Service Animal Project and participates in the after school reading program with Doc, her registered therapy dog.  A nature lover and conservation advocate of long standing, she is delighted to be a part of the PAC family…and we are delighted to have her help and enthusiasm!