Why Protect Natural Resources…

  • Clean water in the future depends on protecting the land around rivers and streams
  • Natural Resources sustain a healthy environment
  • Trees and natural plants prevent erosion throughout the landscape
  • Wildlife habitat is disappearing rapidly
  • Land is disappearing due to high density development
  • We need a balance between our natural heritage and increased population

Landowners have a deep connection to their land and know the impact that open space and green space provide their communities: clean water, fresh food, wildlife habitat, and places to connect with nature.   PAC, your local land trust, helps landowners conserve their land forever, making sure their land will always provide our community with these benefits.

As a private landowner, you can play a major role in land protection and leave a personal legacy of conservation that emulates your love of the land.  Conservation easements have become the primary method to accomplish this, allowing you to retain ownership while preserving your property’s conservation values in perpetuity.  As your local land trust, we welcome the opportunity to talk with you about protecting the land that has given you and your family so much satisfaction.

Land protection is vital to ensure that a sufficient land base exists for habitats and ecosystems to remain functional. Land protection also ensures that our community thrives by conserving space for agricultural production, to maintain the rural character that defines our quality of life, and to provide outdoor recreation opportunities.

Perhaps your family has owned land for a long time, and it’s something you treasure and want to conserve. Or maybe your land is special to you because of your memories living there.

§  People conserve their land for many reasons. Some want to protect the wildlife habitat, others a farm. Many want to maintain working woodlands or a cherished lake shore camp.

§  In most cases, conserving your land will allow you to tap into state and federal income tax deductions.

§  Other times, land conservation can provide estate planning benefits.

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