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Science has always been a fascinating topic for the team at Pacolet Area Conversatory. At first, it started as mere fascination. It was a fascination at the amount of knowledge is out there. The number of things we don’t know yet. The wonderful details embedded in our lifetimes.

However, after we learned a significant body of knowledge, it dawned on us that it just wasn’t enough to know. It struck us like a new-found hobby or a great new book or show that we just got hyped about.

In those cases, it isn’t enough to keep the joy of these things to oneself. There is a renewed and more passionate enthusiasm that comes when these things are shared with others.

Thus, the team decided to make a website that shares the findings we discover, as well as discoveries happening around the world.

One focus of the Pacolet Area Conversatory group is science and health. The way we see it, these new discoveries are nothing if we don’t know how it applies to our lives.

These apply to all fields of science. Whether its biology, chemistry, physics, the bottom line is that all of these fields have something to say and add to the health and well-being of people.

We hope you continue to discover, learn, and live better lives through the articles we write and services we offer.