More than space and new gadgets, the team at Pacolet Area Conversatory believe that the best thing that science can offer and contribute to the human race is the improvements to the health of people.

We believe that the crux and importance of scientific discoveries must lay in the improvement it can provide to people.

Let’s check out three health advancements scientists recently discovered.

The Cancer Vaccine

syringe shot medicine bottle - 3 Health Advancements Scientists Have Discovered Recently

Cancer is something that has always been a problem for people. Up to today, it is still a very widespread disease that people get. Furthermore, its mortality rate is something that people consider whenever they hear news that they or someone they know has cancer.

Cancer still doesn’t have a legitimate cure. The actions taken with a cancer patient are still quite up in the air. There is no cure that works 100% of the time.

However, late last year, scientists have developed a sort of vaccine that can help against cancer.

The vaccine was developed by Stanford researchers. In their trials, they had developed the vaccine and tried it out on mice with tumors. They found that the tumors in the mice destroyed all traces of cancer. They did this by injecting small amounts only.

Out of 90 mice, only three had their tumors regress. Though these three were treated again, and the tumors disappeared.

The vaccine gives hope to cancer patients, both current and future. It is an affordable cure for cancer without the side effects usually associated with the current cures for cancer.

The Migraine Injection

injection - 3 Health Advancements Scientists Have Discovered Recently

A migraine is a mysterious discomfort that attacks whoever it wants. In fact, almost 40 million Americans suffer from migraines, and more from around the world.

Most of the time, people just tough out the migraines. Other, they take medications that are not as effective. One of these medications is just trying to go to sleep and hope that when they wake up, the migraine is gone.

There may be hope for a cure to the migraine though. Last May, the Food and Drug Administration gave the greenlight for a drug called Aimovig.

This injection needs to be administered to people at least once a month. Through this injection, the activity of a certain molecule that gives migraines legs to wreak havoc in a person’s mind is blocked from the body.

Thus, the migraine does not take effect on people.

Medical Skin

treatment finger keep hand wrist - 3 Health Advancements Scientists Have Discovered Recently

Finally, we have a recent technological marvel from Japan. It is a thin sheet of plastic that is put on people’s skin. Then, this material will eventually be able to gather information on the state of the person.

Currently, it reads people’s vital signs and the heart rate of people.

This information can also be viewed on a smartphone. However, in extreme cases, this information can immediately be sent to your doctor.

These are only a few medical and health improvements recently brought about by advancements in science. These advancements make living easier, and more exciting as we wait for more health advancements that can improve people’s lives.

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