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2 Science Advancements That Will Blow Your Mind

Science is a fascinating thing to study and subscribe to. For one, studying science gives us a wider understanding of life and most occurrences.

Subscribing to science is also a worthwhile endeavor, as the advancements and discoveries are always good for those who are interested. They add an extra layer of knowledge and understanding to our lives.

Let’s check out two scientific advancements and discoveries that will blow your mind.

Genetic Editing of Children

Late last year, Chinese geneticist He Jiankui genetically modified the genes of a child. This was the first time that this has ever occurred. Prior to this occurrence, the idea of modifying the genes of a person only came out in science fiction.

What Jiankui did was modify the genes of a child to be immune to the human immunodeficiency virus or HIV.

Rather than be excited for this advancement, people were actually all up in arms about it. People saw the Chinese geneticist’s endeavors as quite irresponsible and unethical.

Despite this though, there are some scientists – such as George Church from America – that say that Jiankui’s actions are necessary. He says that the action of genetic editing in people is an area that must be explored more and advanced.

The End of the Solar System

Another discovery that happened was that scientists were able to find an object that is farther than Neptune. It is called Farout and is three times farther than Pluto.

This object would then be the farthest object with land that humankind has ever identified. Currently, since it is the farthest that we have ever found, it signifies the end of the solar system as we know of right now.

The object is 120 times the distance of the Earth from the sun. Simply put, it is quite far away.

These are only a few things that science has advanced and discovered in the recent past. We hope that you remain as excited as we are with the latest scientific discoveries coming.