6 Benefits of Foundation Inspection in The Woodlands TX

When was the last time you scheduled a foundation inspection in The Woodlands, TX? If it’s been several years, or you can’t remember the last inspection you scheduled, it’s time to make that call. A homeowner should consider regular inspections as part of their property’s overall maintenance and care.

To ensure you’re keeping your property in good condition, check out 6 specific benefits of a foundation inspection. You can then discuss this information with a foundation repair contractor in The Woodlands as needed. In turn, you’ll know that your home is always in good condition from the ground up!

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1. Foundation Inspections in The Woodlands TX Spot Developing Damage

It might seem obvious that a foundation inspection spots damage, but there’s a reason this is so vital for foundations. The longer you ignore cracks, spalling, and other issues, the more severe it becomes. In turn, you could end up paying thousands in otherwise unnecessary repair costs!

On the other hand, an inspection alerts you to damage as soon as it develops. You can then schedule timely and prompt repairs, keeping those costs as low as possible.

2. Professional Inspections Spot Damage You Might Overlook

Homeowners can often spot cracks, spalling, dampness, and other damage during a visual inspection of a home’s basement or foundation. However, a professional foundation inspection in the Woodlands finds damage deep in concrete, in areas hidden from plain sight.

Additionally, a foundation repair contractor will typically check the rest of the home as well. He or she might note wall and ceiling cracks, uneven surfaces, and other signs of foundation issues. In turn, they’ll offer a more thorough report of damage so you can schedule complete repairs.

3. Schedule a Foundation Inspection Before Renovation or Construction

Never renovate or schedule construction on your property without a foundation inspection! Homeowners often forget that a foundation will hold only so much weight. Consequently, adding significant weight to a home without strengthening the foundation can mean costly damage.

As an example, if you were to install heavy stone floors without strengthening the foundation, it might crack and weaken. Eventually, the home might then sink or settle along one side. To prevent this damage, schedule a foundation inspection before any major construction or renovation project.

4. Foundation Inspections Can Protect Property Values

Foundation damage can easily lower property values, sometimes by several thousand dollars. You might not think your home’s value is important if you’re not planning on selling. However, letting property values drop can mean losing equity in that home!

In turn, you might not qualify for home equity loans or lines of credit. If you should ever need an equity loan for any reason, you might get turned down due to a poor-quality foundation! On the other hand, a foundation inspection can alert you to damage and needed fixes. Also, a favorable inspection can raise property values and improve your overall financial portfolio!

5. Foundation Inspections Might Explain Other Issues Around a Property!

As a foundation weakens and sinks, it pulls on building materials around the home. In turn, you might notice wall and ceiling cracks or gaps around door and window frames. However, this sinking can also damage plumbing pipes, risking clogs and water leaks. It can also mean lost shingles and cracked or damaged roofing.

If your home shows signs of plumbing or roof damage and you’ve ruled out all other causes, consider a foundation inspection! A foundation contractor can note if foundation damage might be risking these other issues. In turn, you can address that weak foundation and other needed repairs inside and outside your home.

6. Foundation Inspections Pinpoint Risk Factors

While a foundation inspection in The Woodlands TX will primarily spot existing foundation damage, it can also find risk factors for future damage. For example, a repair contractor might note if there is excess moisture around the foundation. In turn, he or she might suggest better property or soil grading.

Also, a foundation repair contractor might suggest basement waterproofing or a sump pump installation. These simple steps help dispel moisture from the foundation concrete, keeping it dry and protected. Knowing various risk factors can then allow you to protect that foundation from damage. Consequently, you might save thousands of dollars in otherwise unnecessary repairs.

How Often Should You Inspect a Foundation?

A homeowner might schedule a foundation inspection some five years after it’s newly poured. After that time, consider an inspection every two or three years. However, you might also consider an inspection if your home has been through any situation that risks foundation damage. This can include an earthquake, flood, fire, severe vandalism, and the like.

Also, schedule a foundation inspection before construction, as said. It’s also good to inspect a foundation if you suddenly notice risk factors around your property. For instance, overly moist soil pressing against a foundation risks damage. If your landscaper notes this issue on your property, have it addressed and then schedule a foundation inspection.

How Do You Know If Your Foundation Is Cracked?

A professional inspection is the right choice for spotting all areas of foundation damage! However, in between expert inspections you might check for wall and ceiling cracks inside your home. Also, check for cracks along exterior walls and roof eaves.

Additionally, a damaged foundation can risk cracked baseboards and crown molding, or these pieces pulling away from the wall behind them. You might also notice gaps in room corners, and around window and door frames. Foundation cracks also let in moisture that means dampness in laundry rooms, utility rooms, and basements.

Uneven floors or damaged subflooring also indicate foundation damage. If you walk across the floors and notice a soft, spongy feeling underfoot, schedule a foundation inspection! Do the same if those floors suddenly squeak, creak, or groan.

Homeowners would do well to remember that these issues aren’t always normal or to be expected in a home. Instead, it’s vital you schedule a foundation inspection in The Woodlands TX at the first sign of these issues. You can then also schedule prompt fixes and ensure your home is in tiptop shape.