Best Fitness French Recipes For Healthy Food


French Onion Soup Recipe - NYT Cooking

The French love their food, and these foods usually contain high calories and fats. So moving to France, you have to consider suitable recipes for your health and to stay fit. However, you don’t have to worry about missing out on some of the best delicacies that French meals have to offer. With some add-ons and subtraction from the regular recipes, you can still enjoy those mouth-watering meals.

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After much research and studies from customer reviews, we have developed some recipes that will help you stay healthy while in France. These recipes include:

1. French Onion Soup

The French Onion soup is one of the mouth-watering delicacies that you can enjoy and stay fit at the same time. You can do away with butter and other high-calorie items while adding onion and other low fibre ingredients. Now, if you want to prepare something fast, you should consider the French Onion Soup, and it is easy to prepare, especially for those new to the country.

2. Classic French Omelet

The classic French Omelet is a simple meal that you can prepare as a fast meal. You can dress the omelette with salad by the side and discard butter for cooking spray as a replacement. This meal is suitable for those that require energy or are on a workout regime. It is affordable and ideal for those that are not quite at home with French delicacies.

3. Tuna au Poivre with Lemon-Caper Lentils

For those that love seafood, the Tuna Au Poivre is one of the healthy meals you can consider while in France. To make it easy to prepare, you should buy clean fish or ask the butcher to clean up the fish. Add two spoons of aromatic lemon zest when you prepare the Tuna to ensure a strong lemon flavour that will make the meal more pleasurable. You can enjoy a tasty and sumptuous meal without feeling guilty about your health with the Tuna au Poivre.

4. Vegetable Soup

Vegetable soup with Basil Paste is one of the healthy meals to consider while in France. Preparing vegetable soup will require lots of ingredients which may be discouraging, but it is worth the effort and time. You can use your favourite vegetable to prepare your vegetable soup using cooking spray and less butter to reduce the calories in the food. They are tasty, and you can eat them along with other meals.

5. Coq Au Vin

The coq au vin is a classic French meal made up of chicken soaked in red wine. You will need to add bacon and skin-on chicken, which will be cooked for a long time to get the main taste of this classic French meal. The meal can also be made richer by adding extra chicken meat, wheat, and vegetables to make the meal to your liking. We agree that this meal takes longer to prepare and is expensive, but it is also rich in ingredients and taste. It is the perfect meal to make for a large gathering when you have visitors.

Visiting France or planning to visit soon, you may need to know about the meals which is one of the cultural heritage of the French. They are proud of their delicacies, so you cannot afford these meals. Check out reviews from popular platforms to learn more about their meals and find suitable ones you can prepare easily.