Disputes regarding child support

Child support is a legal obligation to contribute to the cost of living for both children and ex-partners. Fortunately, there are many divorces in which alimony can be arranged mutually or with a mediator. However, the vast majority of divorces do not take place in complete harmony. In that case, legal aid is unavoidable. Legal aid in the form of a lawyer, who will guide you well and make a maintenance arrangement you can agree with. By informing you in time, you can prevent much suffering later on. Legal aid means more security for all parties and in most cases less stress in the long run. Legal aid is even compulsory when there are requests to change or stop alimony.

Recognition of the child

If you have never been married but the father has acknowledged the child, he is legally the father and therefore liable to pay child support. You still need to have the maintenance determined by the court. If the biological father has not acknowledged your child, you can have his obligation to pay maintenance determined by the judge. For this you will always need a lawyer. The judge can make his assessment on the basis of DNA material. This is called a paternity action. This can be done by performing a legal paternity test, this paternity test will than determine whether or not a man is the biological father of a child and therefore is obliged to pay child support. This is an important starting point. It makes no difference whether or not the man is married to the mother or has acknowledged the child. From this starting point you can proceed. Father and mother can mutually agree on the amount of child support to be paid. If they cannot reach an agreement, some lawyers, if they are specialised in this field of law, can calculate the amount of child support. Subsequently the judge will determine the amount of child support.

Try to find a way

Sure, you should get what you are entitled to. However, it is important to keep in mind that such procedures are not only time-consuming, costly and tiring, but also do not have the best influence on the child. The child, no matter how young, is bound to be affected by the stress and procedures. Therefore, always try to solve it in a friendly way first and look for the connection. Then weigh up your choices carefully, and only then start thinking about such steps.