Improving Patient Care Through Remote Monitoring Tools

How to Create a Branded Mobile Device

Improving the care of chronic patients is one of the greatest challenges for the healthcare field. It imposes a necessary restructuring of the way to face medical problems from the care perspective. Therefore, tools and product platforms must be integrated that meet the needs of patients. Some of the things that are involved include:

  • Post-surgical processes
  • Home Hospitalization
  • Situations of dependency or Geriatrics
  • Long-term and chronic and acute diseases

For remote patient monitoring and management, there are unique solutions with the possibility of integration and communication between devices and sharing patient information. The remote patient monitoring tools are usually connected with the hardware and software healthcare ecosystem that is easy to handle and integrate.

Clinical Software for Remote Patient Monitoring

One of the remote patient monitoring tools is clinical software where a professional portal is used. This is a common space that is possible to configure and manage the healthcare activity of patients. This includes:

  • Multi-center structure
  • Clinical staff registration
  • Personalized follow-up plans
  • Alerts and Notifications System
  • Internal communication
  • Clinic history
  • 360 tracking

Patient Portal

The patient portal is an easy-to-use, intuitive environment adapted to any device. These are some of the tools and features of the patient portal:

  • Notification of breaches and tasks
  • Activities Calendar
  • Activity log
  • Communication with the medical team
  • Access and download of the clinical history
  • Relevant information about your illness and treatment


Kiosks involve remote integration of medical centers and the network of commercial pharmacies as it relates to the patient. Multi-parametric vital signs are used to manage and monitor patients. These are easy to use, intuitive, and also includes:

  • Activities Calendar
  • Activity logs
  • Simple measurements such as blood pressure
  • Connectivity

Biodata – Devices

Biodata involves devices that check vital signs and is a great monitoring solution for every patient. It also makes it easier for medical professionals to do their jobs successfully. This includes:

  • Low cost multi-parameter vital signs monitor
  • The tool created to support any telemedicine or socio-health clinical scenario
  • Remote diagnosis

Healthcare Briefcase

The healthcare briefcase is another remote patient monitoring tool, which makes it easy to:

  • Send patient data to the hospital
  • Access to patient information
  • Improve connectivity


Due to confinement and other reasons, the use of remote patient monitoring tools has become popular as a continuity solution to daily activities. Some tools have given patients a certain feeling of “normality.” The medical profession has taken a giant step forward in digitization and advancement.