Is pregnancy possible after a vasectomy?

Pregnancy after a vasectomy: Is it possible?

Many men rush to have unprotected sex after having a vasectomy, because they didn’t pay attention to the doctor when they told them he had to wait a while. Once their wife gets pregnant, they Google “paternity test UK” because their first thought is infidelity. The truth is that a man is not sterile directly after he has had a vasectomy as there is sperm left in the seminal canal that can still enter the semen and cause pregnancy. The solution is to use a spermcheck vasectomy test UK to check if the sperm count is at levels that indicate the man is already infertile. Please note that this type of test has instructions that tell you what conditions the semen sample must be in for the test to be considered valid.

What characteristics should your semen have?

Remember that you are responsible for ensuring that your semen meets the characteristics required by the kit. You can only perform this test between 3 and 5 days after your last ejaculation. Otherwise, even if the test indicates that you are infertile, the sample does not have the necessary quality to consider the results valid. It is also important that you have not consumed alcohol, drugs, or any other substance that could affect your sperm count during the test. Remember that the test is a chemical reagent that may behave differently in the presence of foreign substances. The instructions in the kit will tell you the correct way to collect the semen and how to place it in the tube using the pipette provided. If you do not meet the requirements indicated in the instructions, do not take the test. It is better to wait a few days until the conditions are met than to take a test of which the results cannot be trusted.

Is a vasectomy permanent?

This is one of the most common questions men ask. When a vasectomy is performed by a professional, its effect is permanent and it rarely becomes ineffective. When the seminal canal is not sealed properly, openings may form through which sperm can “swim”. When you ejaculate, sperm can enter the seminal fluid and cause an unwanted pregnancy. Urologists recommend using the vasectomy test once a year. The box includes two tests because you must get two negative results in a row. If that doesn’t happen, you need to contact your urologist and find out what’s going on. If the vasectomy has lost its effectiveness, you will have to undergo this medical procedure again.