Rehabilitation? What Are the Benefits for Drug Addicts? 

Rehabilitation or a place to heal drug addicts is still underestimated. Many people consider the role of a rehabilitation center less important. Drug abusers are sent to a rehabilitation center under compulsion, if not even in a severe condition. In fact, if the addict comes in a severe condition it will complicate the healing process. In addition, it also takes a longer time. And here are the benefits for addicts to come to the Rehab UK, one of which belongs to the BNN, the Center for Rehabilitation.

  1. Save Life The effects of drug use on the body can damage all important organs, and cause disease disorders such as HIV / AIDS, hepatitis, damage to the brain, heart and lungs. If not treated immediately it will lead to death. Not to mention the social impact that results from the behavior of drug users. Therefore, rehabilitation is the perfect place for an addict, and also to save his life and those around him. Because during rehabilitation will be guided by doctors and counselors to treat mental & physical.
  2. Get into a positive environment The environment or friends that have a negative influence is one of the triggers for someone to use drugs. To get rid of it, someone should be separated from his comfortable place. One of them is by entering the Rehab UK which is a community with the same problems and goals. They help each other to solve existing problems. It is hoped that a more positive environment will encourage changes in the behavior of drug addicts.
  3. Stay clean and mindful (clean and sober) Reporting from, some Rehabilitation applies the principle of “abstinentia” which means complete withdrawal of drugs. When entering rehab, an addict should not take drugs at all. This is stated in the three main rules (Cardinal Rules), namely, Do not use drugs (no drugs) Prohibited from having sexual relations carelessly (no sex) No violence is prohibited. Entering into rehabilitation opens the opportunity for an addict to become clean (of illegal drugs) and aware (sane / not drunk). A long habit of being accompanied by a self-awareness process allows an addict to stop taking drugs after leaving the rehabilitation center.
  4. Long-term Recovery The rehabilitation center has a long term recovery program. In the Therapeutic Community a number of rules are set so that addicts can really focus on experiencing recovery. In the primary stage, a person has to follow a recovery program for six to 12 months, after which he only steps into the Re-entry and Aftercare stages. With these programs, it is hoped that an addict can truly recover not only temporarily, but for a long time. so that they can live their lives well in the midst of their family and society.
  5. Be sensitive to the environment. In everyday life, drug addicts usually have a lazy nature to work, and do not care about the environment. However, in rehabilitation, you will be taught simple things related to life. Addicts will be trained to be sensitive, and pay attention to the little things around them. So they can create a warm atmosphere in the environment. For this situation the local area can help by dispersing data and training that the job of restoration is vital for drug addicts, at that point the sigma of fearing recovery can decrease and many victims of drug abuse are saved because of accurate information.