Surprising Uses for Botox

6 Surprising Uses for Botox - Desert Maxillofacial Center

While it’s known for its use in cosmetic procedures, Botox is not just for wrinkles. In fact, it can also be used for a range of medical conditions. It can quell oil production in the skin, treat migraines, and relieve painful sex.

These are just a few of the different uses for Botox. Read on botox Boca Raton FL for more. Let’s start with the most obvious: it relieves pain.

Botox can be used to quell oil production

In some cases, tiny amounts of Botox can help reduce the production of oil on the face and reduce the chances of acne breakouts. These tiny amounts of the substance are injected into superficial areas of the face, allowing you to make facial expressions while the injections work.

Botox is a safe, nonsurgical solution that can help with acne breakouts and can be injected anywhere on the face. Though the forehead is the most commonly affected area, this treatment is effective anywhere on the face.

It can relieve migraines

Although people don’t always realize it, Botox can relieve migraines. It works by calming the sensory nerves that trigger migraines, which are oversensitive and inflamed. When injected into these pain pathways, Botox works by blocking the chemicals and neurotransmitters that cause pain. Although the treatment may be slow, it is safe, effective, and the average patient sees benefits within a month.

It can relieve strabismus

The use of Botox to treat strabismus is common. The medical procedure, developed more than 20 years ago, involves injecting botulinum toxin into the muscles surrounding the eyes. This causes a temporary weakness in the eye muscle, resulting in a large overcorrection of strabismus. The other eye muscle contracts while the paralysed one relaxes. When the paralysis wears off, the affected eye reverts to a more balanced position.

It can relieve painful sex

If you are suffering from painful sex, you may want to consider undergoing a botox injection to ease the pain. Specifically, the procedure can stop the muscles from contracting during sex. Botox Boca Raton FL doctors can provide injections for painful sex.

In some women, the procedure may need to be repeated every six months, while others may only need it once or twice a year. In 2000, Allergan received FDA approval to use Botox for cervical dystonia, a condition characterized by an abnormal head position. It can be very painful, and may cause serious neck pain.

It can reduce pelvic muscle spasms

Botox is an injection that can be used to help relieve pelvic muscle spasms. Women who suffer from pelvic muscle spasms often find it difficult to have sexual intercourse and experience painful contractions of their pelvic muscles.

The doctor can use Botox to relieve the pain and reduce the frequency of the contractions. Surgical treatments may be necessary to correct the underlying cause of the problem.