What are the Benefits of Functional Medicine?

The Benefits of Functional Medicine | Magnolia Medical Center

The field of medicine has undergone a lot of changes in these last few years. A new subspecialty called functional medicine is slowly gaining traction, and many people are starting to understand its importance. So, what exactly does functional medicine Denver entail?

Well, put, it is the study of how diet, lifestyle choices, and environmental factors can directly impact your health. This means that more personalized treatment plans can be derived based on what you do or do not do during the day by applying this type of practice.

Here are some benefits of functional medicine:

A More Holistic Approach To Health And Wellness

The biggest benefit of functional medicine is that it provides a more holistic approach to health and wellness. This means that instead of treating symptoms, the focus is shifted towards identifying the root causes of various conditions. By taking this approach, patients can improve the overall quality of life while tackling issues like inflammation, fatigue, and gastrointestinal problems head-on.

As you can imagine, this type of treatment makes for much better long-term results than other traditional approaches. Plus, because different techniques are used depending on what works best for each patient, everyone who goes through this procedure should feel more empowered than ever before, as well as helps you to stay healthier and happier day by day.

A More Thorough Examination

Another benefit of functional medicine is that it provides a more thorough examination of patients treated for illnesses. Using detailed questionnaires, medical histories, and physical exams to pinpoint potential problems makes it much easier to identify which lifestyle choices can make certain conditions worse than others.

Once this information has been gathered, the patient will be placed on an individualized treatment plan that uses natural remedies, gene expression, or dietary changes as needed to decrease stress or improve sleep patterns, for instance. This type of personalized approach is often better at preventing various diseases from getting out of hand in the first place, thereby helping you feel healthier and happier today as well as tomorrow.

The Ability To Treat The Entire Body

Functional medicine also allows you to treat the entire body instead of focusing on specific symptoms. As a bonus, functional medicine practitioners are usually trained in other types of natural therapies, such as acupuncture and massage, so patients can always look forward to receiving complete care.

Since getting extra help when you need it has never been easier, thanks to the modern-day technological boom in multiple industries, everyone should consider integrating functional medicine into the current treatment plan sooner rather than later.

The functional approach uses laboratory tests and patient interviews to determine harmful acidity levels, digestive enzyme deficiencies, nutrient absorption problems, hormone imbalances, toxins, and antibiotic drug residues. Once these factors are determined, professionals can eliminate or control the situation through dietary supplements, detoxification protocols, and the use of phytonutrients to remove harmful acidity, aid digestion, balance hormones, and bring nutrients to areas that were once deprived. The patient’s levels return to normalcy as the system begins to restore itself, thus breaking the vicious cycle that caused illness in the first place.